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Vacation Homes = Smart Investments Y’all!

Growing up in Texas has a LOT of advantages. It's Texas for cryin’ out loud and you couldn't be born into a prouder heritage of great people, storied history, a unique musical scene, amazing food and a culture unmatched anywhere else on the planet. All over the globe people know and are intrigued by cowboy hats, boots and barbecue. Thirty years later, and even after the loss of Larry Hagman, folks still know JR and Sue Ellen, want to see Southfork Ranch and eat a steak as big as their head and the distinct shape of the state is the most recognized there is. Yup, if you share this amazing thing called Texas with me and haven't thanked your lucky lone stars lately, just drop to hour knees wherever you are right now, put your hands together and repeat after me, "Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."

One of the most distinct Texas privileges is sharing a border with Mexico that can arguably be credited with more than its share of the above mentioned food, music and cultural jewels in the big Texas crown. Anybody from Texas will not think twice when asked what should be for dinner tonight - Mexican food! I can't remember who said it, but I heard a motivational speaker once "If I get to heaven and there's no Mexican food, I'm leavin!" The architectural influence from Spanish Revival to Rustic Chic can be seen throughout the state and one need only take a look around San Antonio for a solid testament. The music, the people, the atmosphere, the vibe - all have definitely helped shape and affect what makes us as coveted a piece of American living as we are.

And Mexico just happens to be the biggest and topmost of what lies south of that border. Continuing on down you'll pass through Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica....and eventually into Columbia, Venazeula, Peru and the rest of an entirely different continent. And all of this is available to us just a plane trip away.

Properties in these places are plentiful. There are wonderful old homes and ranches scattered across the countrysides and in jungle paradises, established condominium buildings and new construction opportunities everywhere. With the advent of Airbnb, Tripping, HomeAway and other platforms, it's never been easier to market and monetize a great opportunity to host travelers with pockets full of expendable cash.

We make our way to destinations south about four times a year currently and are increasing presence in Mexico, Costa Rica and other fabulous destinations and would be absolutely thrilled to introduce you to this fantastic lifestyle and lucrative investment option. You really can't reasonably say no!

Look at these AMAZING opportunities available in a WIDE array of price points: Costa Rica

Call me and let me know what we can work on together!!

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