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Popsicles & Puppies A Stellar Success!

Updated: Jun 27

HUGE thanks yous due all around for everyone's fantastic support of our 2018 Popsicles and Puppies! I usually try and keep messages meaningful, concise and brief, but I just don't think there's any way to be concise and brief while also being meaningful in this instance - settle in [wink].

Thanks to Leif "Papprazzi" Nelson from Industrial UAV Photography for the great gallery above!

First - the big news. We, and that means YOU, contributed $6,000 to be forwarded on to the SPCA of Texas! I am giddy with gratitude for every single one of you - thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Thanks to the SPCA of Texas and specifically Kelli Eaves for making things happen logistically, getting the mobile adoption unit there and stocked full of amazing souls. and just generally being a kind soul herself. I'm told that we had four adoptions on site and that every one of the animals on that truck was adopted by the close of the day Saturday after the event!

Thanks to Monica Greene for hosting us at her new Cedars Social and Larry Townsend who are always fantastic co-hosts as well! and specifically AND for encouraging some anonymous, fantastic someone to write us a VERY generous check. She took us to new heights, and the margaritas didn't suck either! Also worthy of mention are Leann Berry, Anastacia Quinones and Larry Townsend who are fantastic compliments to Monica's efforts and were effervescent additions to the hosting scenario that evening!

THANK YOU to my amazing friends and working counterparts, also known as "sponsors"!!


Chelsea Clayson with Tiago Title | Bob "Mortgage" and Jennifer Johnson with Wallick and Volk

Julie Jones with Nations Home Warranty | Clayton Bailey with Green Scene Home Inspections

Carlos Marin with MCR Construction | Kasey Hogland with Williamson Foundation Repair

Chris Jiminez with Hollywood Feed | Doug Evans with Bonobo Fitness

Kamry Nordyke with Delicate Moving | John Rodrigues with Property Scope Media


I can't even begin tell you how much I appreciate you and your friendship and

your support of our cooperative professional relationships!

And finally, but certainly not the least of whom I'm grateful to, are each of you who attended and donated at all levels - from zero up to hundreds! This event was born to be a client appreciation party and has taken on a whole other life, but boy do I appreciate all of you - client's prospective clients, friends and family. How much luckier can a guy get!?

See ya next summer - woof!!

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